Welcome to FordCityOnline.com!!

Dear Visitor,

FordCityOnline was commissioned many years ago by the "Friends of Jeff Pyle" election committee when he was running for Mayor.  It was designed by a local information technology company, Power Design Technologies.

The reason that this "dinosaur" was brought back to life was to help preserve the past of Ford City, since much of our history is passing away.  Looking back, I designed this website in the spring/summer of 2001, as a Junior at Ford City High School.  Being that was over 14 years ago (I'm 31 at the time of writing this in 2014), things have changed drastically.

It is my hope to continue the legacy of FordCityOnline, by modernizing the site in the future (Whenever I have time) and including as much information regarding this area as possible.  PLEASE NOTE:  The information contained within this web site if EXTREMELY outdated.  It should serve for information purposes only.

Please contact me with any suggestions or comments regarding this endeavor.

Best Wishes,

Ryan M. Bloser
Creator, FordCityOnline.com